View From The Top, vol8

By Nat Hodgson
Executive Director
Southern Nevada Home Builders Association


There are numerous benefits buying a new home – lower costs for energy and maintenance and the latest design, technology and safety features.

Analysis by the National Association of Home Builders, using data from the Census Bureau’s latest Residential Energy Consumption Survey, shows that on a per-square foot basis, the newer the home, the less energy it uses.

Compared to homes built before 1950, the average consumption of energy is 46 percent lower in homes built after 2000.

Today’s new homes are built with environmentally-friendly features such as energy-efficient tankless water heaters, Energy Star appliances, HVAC systems, insulation and windows and doors that make the home more comfortable and can save home owners money over the long term.

The Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey shows that maintenance costs on average were 56 percent lower in new homes; $241 a year for all single family homes compared with $547 for homes built before 2008.

New homes feature floor plans that suit modern lifestyles, with open space layouts, high ceilings, large windows and design features such as information centers in kitchens, laundry rooms located near bedrooms, walk-in closets and pantries and other features for convenience and comfort.

New home buyers enjoy the ability to choose finishes, fixtures, flooring, paint colors and more that suit their preferences, without the hassle or cost of changing the previous owner’s tastes.

New homes are safer, with electrical wiring systems that can accommodate modern appliances and components such as high-definition televisions, security systems, fire alarms and complex lighting and audio setups.

As the housing industry continues to shows signs of recovery, today’s low interest rates combined with the benefits of new construction make it an ideal time to achieve the American dream of homeownership in a brand-new home.

The best source for information about the new homes in metropolitan Las Vegas is, a joint effort of the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association and the Builders Digital Experience (BDX.) You will find a wealth of information about new homes in our community, and there are numerous ways to filter and search for specifics such as price range, neighborhoods, builders, green features, immediate move-in, ‘hot deals’ and much more.