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logo-rjRJ real estate innovations create informed Vegas buyers who act

As a real estate professional, you want a robust local market, an interested and active group of buyers and sellers and people on all sides who know and can use the existing and emerging tools to make transactions.

Buyers and sellers also want a robust market and active, interested players who know what’s going on locally and how to take advantage of opportunities that speak to them directly.

While the media can’t drive market activity or the economy, it can be the major player in helping ensure that the audience is educated, interested and connected.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal and its affiliated publications have taken that approach to real estate coverage, and it has helped pump up interest among potential buyers and sellers, greatly increased traffic to real estate stories and delivered meaningful content to people in the forms they’re most comfortable with.

They’re not entirely new concepts – giving people what they want, when they want it and where they want it. But the delivery systems and the ways people look for and find the information has changed and must reflect today’s technology and how people look for information.

Newspapers traditionally have put topical content next to topical advertising so that buyers and sellers have a common place to discover each other. The Review-Journal this year has put that concept on steroids. It’s created multiple easy channels where readers at the cusp of decision-making can look for and find the specific information that helps them make those decisions, and where advertisers who can fulfill their needs can connect with them.

Stories are aimed more at answering readers’ and buyers’ questions and giving them information they might not know about that will help — and often spur — action. Articles talk about trends in homes that might fit a specific reader’s lifestyle (like multi-generational homes, walk decks, RV lots or indoor-outdoor living) or needs (such as adjusting to retirement living, innovations in the loan process, community amenities or Realtor values). Review-Journal readers ask and Las Vegas experts answer would-be buyers’ and sellers’ questions about local real estate. Real estate is the transaction that drives more other transactions than anything else, and this approach creates multiple comfortable places for that to happen.

Starting in January, the RJ started putting real estate articles online before they hit the paper, and posting other local real estate stories, some that never make the print edition. Having all those searchable stories online early and often makes it more likely that people can find Las Vegas-oriented information for their specific needs. For example, buyers or sellers looking for Las Vegas resale home sales, or how to price their home in Las Vegas, or information about master planned communities in Las Vegas’ north valley, will find those article by typing in those key words. That recognizes and accommodates how people look for information.

Also in January, the Review-Journal added several new real estate sections on top of the previously published one on Saturday. The line-up now presents Real Estate on Sunday, New Homes on Saturday and Sunday, and Rentals on Sunday. And last year’s new edition, the popular Million Dollar Homes section month – also continues on Sunday. Its online version has grown to 40,000 to about 400,000 pageviews a month.

Readership growth demonstrates the interest, and response from professionals Indicate the results.

For example, John Kelly, RJRealEstate.com reporter, wrote about a new development in Pahrump brought a wave of interested buyers to the site. William Lyon Homes sales consultant Reba Liz Reinertson, told him “I’ve had double the normal traffic yesterday, too, so it’s working.” America West Homes’ Vice President Danny Welsh told Kelly that his article about new basement homes in Las Vegas brought in two buyers (who bought) who had no idea that option was even available here before the story ran.

The Review-Journal continues to look for ways to apply these principles to real estate and other topics – providing targeted, useful and relevant to interested people in the forms that are comfortable to them, creating an easy and non-threatening environment for transactions and fulfillment.

For more information contact Carla Royter, RJ Real Estate Division Manager, at 702-383-4619.