From the Training Room vol1

by Brian Fraibble

In many of our TNT training sessions we stress the importance of establishing relationships with builder representatives. Our clients are so bombarded with floor plans, sale pitches, web pages and location choices, a well-established relationship with the seller leads to more closings, and, of course, the residual referrals from satisfied clients.

“Knowing the deal” is an essential ingredient that provides comfort to your client. The friendly introduction to an “associate” is far more effective than you and your client meeting a stranger and attempting to make a half a million dollar decision.

No matter what your individual closing style, if you know:

  2. The “wiggle room” the site agent has on said property.
  3. All other “unadvertised incentives”.

We at TNT believe you will close more homes.

When a builder has a fallout  (cancellation) or an “aged inventory” incentive opportunity for a quick move in home, a good relationship with site agents will most assuredly afford you a personal call notifying you of the need to move home and associated specials including increased commissions.

Choose the option hug in lieu of handshake at sales office;  it is the true secret to more closings, more leads and more success to your bottom line…

“Each TNT session includes discussions relating to how to add more power to your presentation and give you insights to effectively dealing with local Las Vegas Builders.”