By Nat Hodgson
Executive Director
Southern Nevada Home Builders Association

The association is pleased to roll out a new multimedia marketing campaign – “Start Fresh Buy New Las Vegas” to educate potential home buyers about the benefits of purchasing a newly built home.

The campaign is centered on a new website,, which gives site visitors lots of information about the advantages of buying new, and numerous search features to find the new home in metro Las Vegas that’s right for them.

Buying a brand new home is one dream worth pursuing because it makes sense in so many ways – emotionally, geographically and financially. A lot of people lost track of that dream over the past few years. The Great Recession caused everyone to rethink their financial decisions, and rightly so. But when it comes to weighing the financial benefits of buying a new home versus a use one, buyers need to consider more than just the sales’ price.

The Start Fresh Buy New Las Vegas campaign will help buyers navigate the dilemma of whether they should consider buying a new home or a resale by offering long-term cost comparisons and other benefits to consider.

The association wants home buyers to have all the information they need to make an informed decision. If home buyers consider all the benefits of buying a new home, they’re going to make a decision that brings them happiness for years to come – not headaches and heartaches of problem-solving and surprise costs for repairs and improvements to a used home.

Home builders use the latest high-performance materials that are more energy efficient, which means much lower utility costs compared with older homes.

A lot of people believe that a new home is more expensive to buy than a used home – they look at the sales’ prices and that’s where they stop. But they need to continue doing the math. They’ll discover there’s much more to it than just sales’ price. It’s not unusual to buy a used home and discover very quickly that you need to immediately spent thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, on repairs and upgrades. You might discover you need a new roof – that’s about $40,000. You might need a new HVAC unit – that’s several thousand dollars. You don’t have those bills with a new home.

The lifestyle benefits are huge. Everything is new – all the systems, appliances and materials. So from the start, buyers enjoy long-term warranty protection and many years of repair-free living. They can choose their favorite floorplan and personalize it to meet their own tastes and needs.

The fact is, new home buyers now enjoy more value than ever before, and nowhere is that more true than in Las Vegas.