Platinum Home Mortgage Announces Major Expansion in the West

Carson, Calif. October 3, 2017-Residential mortgage lender Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation is pleased to welcome Michael J. Sweeney, who will assume the new role of divisional manager. Sweeney is a 25+ year veteran of the mortgage industry and will be responsible for recruiting and opening new offices throughout the West. Read More

1st Anniversary “Start Fresh Buy New Las Vegas”

By Nat Hodgson
Executive Director
Southern Nevada Home Builders Association

The Southern Nevada Home Builders Association recently marked the 1st anniversary of the “Start Fresh Buy New Las Vegas” online marketing campaign designed to help local Realtors and potential homebuyers navigate the dilemma of deciding whether to purchase a newly constructed home or a resale home.

The campaign, based at the website,, provides information about the long-term cost comparisons and benefits to consider before buying any home.

Since the launch in July 2016, the website has attracted more than 43,000 users; 61,300 sessions; 64,600 page views; with an average visitor duration of six minutes. The association is pleased that this campaign has been such a success. Read More

TnT Impact on the House Market of 2016

From the Home Builders Research, Inc

In November there were 762 new home recorded sales. This places our 2016 total at 7,035, a year to year increase of 890 closings, or 14.5 percent. It certainly appears that the new home segment of the Las Vegas housing industry is ending this year on a much stronger pace than we envisioned back in the first quarter of 2016. At the beginning of this year we felt that 2016 would produce a single digit year to year increase in new home closings. Although there were some positive signals from the area economists, there were still a lot of things that might limit new home sales in 2016, many of which we have discussed in our previous newsletters during the year.

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Start Fresh Buy New Las Vegas

By Nat Hodgson
Executive Director
Southern Nevada Home Builders Association

The Southern Nevada Home Builders Association recently launched a new “Start Fresh Buy New Las Vegas” marketing campaign to promote builder members’ new homes.

The campaign centers around the recently launched website,, which was developed by a subcommittee of the association’s Sales and Marketing Committee, SNHBA member Team AMC advertising agency and SNHBA online partner Builders Digital Experience.

The multi-media campaign presents information about the value of newly constructed homes compared with resale homes, and encourages potential homebuyers to ‘start fresh’ by purchasing a newly constructed home.

The association wants homebuyers to make an informed decision. For those who ask, ‘Is a new home the best choice for me?’ – knowing all the benefits can help them avoid a purchase that they won’t be happy with in the long run. They’re likely to incur significant, unexpected costs by purchasing an older resale home.

People lost track of the dream of homeownership over the past few years. The recession caused potential homebuyers to rethink their financial decisions, and rightly so. But when it comes to weighing the financial benefits of a new home compared with a resale home, buyers should consider more than just the sales’ prices.

A lot of people think new homes are more expensive based on sales’ prices and that’s where they stop. If they continue doing the math, they’ll find there’s much more to it – lower costs and more benefits. If they do the math, they’ll find there’s a lot of savings buying a new home, not only in lower monthly utility bills, but also lifestyle benefits.

The lifestyle benefits are huge. Everything is new – all the systems, appliances and materials, so from the start, buyers enjoy long-term warranty protection and years of repair-free living. With a new home, the buyer chooses their neighborhood and floorplan, and they can personalize the home to their own tastes. New home communities offer amenities that older communities don’t include, such as community centers, recreational amenities, trails and parks.

The Las Vegas real estate market is unique. We’ve seen a slow, measured, sustainable pattern of growth over the past several years that is projected to continue. Now, new homebuyers get more value than ever before, and nowhere is that more true than Las Vegas.